The most beautiful rafters in any yurt in the whole wide world! These rafters are our most popular option. YurtZ by Design uses Lodgepole Pine logs, 85mm, sanded and stained with metal connecting inserts. Add quality and extra strength to any size yurt whilst adding a magical ambience that can be enjoyed in every season. Lodgepole rafters will NEVER twist under snow load and they are approx. 25-30% stronger than 2' x 4's. Lodgepole stress strength is 6800 lbs per inch. (These rafters are standard in the 28’model.)

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Heavy-Duty Top Cover
Our standard roof uses a 19 oz. vinyl. Our covers are made from VinaGARD® made by Vintex, which is a double-coated fabric made for applications where high strength protection and durability are required. VinaGARD® is UV stabilized and flame retardant. For extreme weather conditions we recommend our heavy-duty 22 oz. top cover.

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Heavy-Duty Liners for Top and Walls

Heavy duty, superior quality 100% cotton is custom sewn to line the inside of the yurt. This natural fabric absorbs moisture and dries naturally. It is mildew resistant, flame retardant and cream in color. See close-up....OR

Heavy duty VinaGARD® vinyl liner with UV protection; Class 1 fire retardant rating; anti-fungus, anti-mildew protection. Cream color is the same colour as the cotton liner, which means cotton and vinyl can be used together, if desired, e.g. cotton liner in top and vinyl in side walls.

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Additional Windows
You can choose to add extra windows to your yurt. Two windows are included in the base price. You can specify the placement of additional windows to highlight the landscape and views on your property, or the interior layout of your yurt. All windows are removable and include insect screens. An insulated window cover is available to provide extra insulation whenever needed.

Glass Windows
Custom glass windows are available for all models. Standard size is 3ft x 4 ft. double paned sliding glass, Low-E with Argon seals. Window kit includes insect screen, wooden frame and two wall studs.

Low-E glass stands for low emissivity glass. It is a technologically advanced, insulating glass that improves energy efficiency by reducing the transfer of heat or cold through windows. In summer it reduces window heat gain by 64% compared to ordinary glass and in winter the superior insulating capability of Low-E keeps your home warm and controls humidity.

Insulated Window Cover
This is constructed of the same rFoil Insulation that is used for insulating the yurt. (see below for details).

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Extra Doors
You can add extra doors to any yurt. Using a clock face, doors must be placed at quarter hour locations i.e. 6:00, 9:00, 12:00 and 3:00 o'clock.

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Shatter-proof glass is standard in all door options:
Door Options

  • Double 30" French Doors of Douglas Fir, with shatter-proof laminated double glass panels
  • Double 24" French Doors of Douglas Fir, with shatter-proof laminated double glass panels
  • Solid wood, two piece Dutch Doors with shatter-proof laminated glass panel in top half
  • Standard door with an opening glass window and bug screen, allowing more light and ventilation
  • Solid standard door of Douglas Fir
  • Textured wood-grain fibreglass doors

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Tinted Dome
The standard dome is clear, however a tinted dome is a great idea for hot, sunny climates. It offers UV and sun protection and keeps the yurt cooler.

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Top Cover & Side Wall Insulation

White insulation above
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Foil bubble rFoil is a double layer of polyethylene bubbles bonded to and sandwiched between two Radiant Barrier aluminum Foil sheets.

After years of research, it has been proven that reflective foil products are excellent insulators. The effect of Radiant Barrier Foil (RBF) on radiant heat gain and loss is nothing less than astounding. Although conventional mass insulation products (fiberglass, loose fill, wood, etc.) are effective against convection and conduction, they have no effect on 'radiated' heat transfer. It reduces radiant heat loss in winter or gain in summer, by as much as 70%. The insulation is rated by reflection as it reflects 97% of radiant heat rays.

It is a common misconception that insulation must be thick to perform well. It is also a common mistake to consider only a material's R-Value when choosing insulation. It is highly possible for a thinner reflective material to provide better thermal performance than a thicker non-reflective product. Not including gold and silver, pure aluminum is the most reflective material on the planet. The thin aluminum layer in rFOIL reflects radiant heat energy; and this ability is not related to the product's thickness and R-Value.

The benefits of radiant insulation...

  • Safe, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic.
  • Not affected by humidity or condensation.
  • Durable - won't collapse, compress or disintegrate.
  • Lightweight and compact for easy transportation.
  • Easy to install. No protective garments necessary.
  • Resistant to bacteria and fungi.
  • CLASS A / CLASS 1 fire rating.
  • Virtually indestructible, will not collapse, compress or disintegrate over time.

rFoil meets the following building code specifications and testing criteria:

  • Thermal Performance ASTM C236 & ASTM C518
  • Flame Spread and Smoke Density STM E84
  • Fungus Resistance il-Std 810B Method 508
  • Pliability C 12224-93
  • Water Vapor Transmission ASTM E96
  • Emissivity Testing
  • Beach Puncture Resistance TAPPI T-803-88
  • Tensile and Elongation ASTM D882-1995
  • Tongue Tear ASTM D1117-1997
  • Corrosivity D3310-90 (1995)
  • CAN/CGSB-51.33-M89 | CAN/ULC-S 102.2-M88


A 15 year warranty applies to Foil bubble rFoil Insulation.

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Screen and Insulation for Dome Skylight

This screen custom fits in the ceiling dome and prevents insects, falling leaves, etc.. from entering the yurt. It also acts as an efficient sunscreen.

The insulation is useful when leaving your yurt locked up for an extended period of time.

Snow & Wind Kits
Our yurts are rated for heavy snow loads. However, in regions with extremely heavy snowfalls, we offer a snow and wind kit that reinforces the roof rafters and lattice wall with vertical side wall supports. If you are in a very windy area you might want to add this kit as it provides cable tie-downs to the yurt platform ensuring protection from extreme wind conditions. Mandatory on 28' and 32' Yurts

If your yurt has round log rafters, we will match the Snow and Wind Kit by including side wall supports of round, stained log pole studs to match the rafters.

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Door and Window Awnings
Custom awnings are available for doors and windows, as per your requirements.
The 8ft. awning available for the french doors, enables excellent protection from weather when buckled down.

Stove chimney opening and shield
You might want to install a wood stove in your yurt. YurtZ by Design can build in a stove chimney opening with an interior and exterior shield that will allow you to easily install a wood stove. Our opening fits a 6” chimney pipe.

Rain Diverter
The rain diverter is
an inverted V-shaped fabric pouch, which is welded to the roof above the door, effectively diverting rain water away from the entry.

Rain Catchment System
The rain catchment system consists of a vinyl fabric gutter that the runs around the perimeter of the roof, catching the water and funneling it through downspouts. This gutter is made of the same vinyl as the roof and is heat welded on so there can never be any leaking. In dry weather, this gutter sits flat on the roof and is barely noticeable.

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