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what's a yurt?


(Also known as a Ger)


In Buryat Mongolian "ger" simply means "home." In Russian it is known as a yurta, hence it is more commonly known in English as a "yurt." The ger is not only the traditional dwelling of the Buryats, but of all Mongolian peoples as well as of the Kazakh, Kirghiz, Tuvans, Tatars, Yakuts, and other Central Asian and Siberian peoples. The most commonly known kind of ger is the nomads' ger, which is used by almost all Central Asian nomads, including Mongols and some of the Buryats.


The Yurt dates back to the time of Genghis Khan in the 13th century. Yurts have been used by generations of nomadic horse herders in Mongolia as portable homes which can be set up anywhere.


At the most basic level, one might say a yurt is a glorified tent - but a yurt is really much more. The Mongols live in them year round and tend to prefer them to other forms of housing. See history.


The original designs of these structures involved five basic elements: lattice walls, roof beams, a roof ring, a door, and a felt or hide covering. When put together, it created a simple round wooden latticework frame with a combination of felt and sheep skin covering the outside depending on the season.

Modern Yurts use the Mongolian concept, but with the conveniences and technology of the 21st century, including insulation and cover fabrics developed by NASA. Yurts are bought in pre-made kits that can be assembled in a day or two, depending on the size. A yurt is one of the most versatile dwellings available:


Portable – you can assemble and disassemble a yurt in a few hours. We provide step-by-step installation instructions so you can setup your yurt. A yurt can be transported in a pickup truck, utility trailer or boat. If you need to move your yurt on your property, with the help of a few friends it can be moved fairly easily. 


Secure - all our yurts come equipped with lockable, steel doors and solid wood door frames.


Comfortable in all seasons - the yurt has proven itself in all kinds of weather. Cozy and warm in the winter, with insulated walls and roof, and a circular shape that makes it efficient to heat. Cool in the summer, with windows, dome and door openings to provide cross ventilation. 


Eco-friendly - All our rafters are milled from ecologically harvested timber, selected especially for YurtZ by Design. Yurts are environmentally unobtrusive buildings and cause no permanent damage to the land on which they are built.


Durable - Our yurts are built to last for a very long time. They are tested for structural strength and all-weather durability and will last for many years without any problems. Also, they are easy to maintain. See testimonials.


Customizable - YurtZ by Design offers a selection of options that allow you to personalize your yurt to your own specific needs. Some of the available options include:


Fun and natural – Living in a yurt for short or long time is an adventure. Yurting gives you the opportunity to live close to nature and keep life fun and simple.


Spiritual – Yurts are used as places for yoga and meditation because of their comforting surroundings. With no corners it is said there is no place for evil spirits. The atmosphere inside the yurt is one of warmth and security.

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