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YurtZ by Design includes more standard features than other yurt manufacturers.


  • All our domes are made of industrial strength "UltraTuf SG Copolyster"

  • A 6ft. diameter dome is standard in the 32ft yurt.

  • All domes open - the telescopic, stainless steel handle makes it easy to open and close for ventilation. This is not an optional extra.

  • All door glass is high quality glass, not acrylic.  All door frames are handmade with finest quality Douglas Fir.

  • 7ft. is the standard height of all our yurts. This is not an optional extra.

  • Our exclusive, hand-sanded and stained pole rafters are stronger, and far more attractive than 2" x 4" rafters. These are standard in all of our models.

  • Use of stainless steel hardware is standard for a long-life corrosion-free finish.



Only the finest quality materials are used in all our products.


Lattice Walls

Extra tall, 7 ft. lattice side walls are standard in all yurts.They are made of expandable, top-quality, 1-1/2" x 7/16" kiln-dried Douglas Fir, to produce one of the strongest products possible.

Door Frame


Door Frame - solid door frames are made from finest quality BC Canadian grown 2" X 6" Douglas Fir; sanded and stained.  


Lodgepole pine rafters are available for all sizes, when available and suitable for your area.  Made from hand selected Lodgepole Pine; round log poles for extra strength, sanded and stained; metal connecting inserts.  What an amazing atmosphere these create!  Lodgepole rafters are approx. 25 - 30 % stronger than 2" x 4"s.

12 ft. model - 21 rafters; 15 ft. model - 26 rafters; 

20 ft. model - 36 rafters; 24 ft. model - 43 rafters.

Pole Rafters - standard in all or our yurts whenever possible

28 ft. Model - 50 rafters

32 ft. Model - 58 rafters

Compression Ring

Compression Ring - superior quality, extra thick, layered Douglas Fir, glued and bolted, sanded and stained. At the center ring YurtZ by Design uses “Wind and Snow Load”straps from rafter to center ring on EVERY rafter!


Windows - two windows, 48" x 40" horizontal, with heavy duty commercial zippers on both sides and buckled at the bottom to secure closure and prevent the wind from getting in behind; 20 mils. clear vinyl, removable windows with extra zippers on both sides and Velcro fasteners top and bottom; built-in insect screens. Upgrades to 54" x 48" vertical available.

Dome & Opener

Domes are made from heavy-duty, "UltraTuf SG Copolyster for long life; extra large 6ft. dome in 32ft. model. 5ft diameter in all other models, all with protective safety ring around edge; stainless steel hardware and fastening springs.


Stainless steel opener with telescopic handle included.

Top Cover - VinaGARD

Single piece; 19 oz vinyl; Class 1 Fire Retardant; wind grommets built-in; wind tie-down kit included; Top-coated for extra UV protection, anti-fungus and mildew protection.


Standard Colors: Forest Green, Mocha, Desert Sand and Burgundy.

Side Walls - VinaGARD

Single piece; 16 oz vinyl; Class 1 Fire Retardant; wind grommets built-in; wind tie-down kit included; Top-coated for extra UV protection, anti-fungus and mildew protection.


Standard Colors: Forest Green, Mocha, Desert Sand and Burgundy.


We use only stainless steel for our yurt cables. Our cable exceeds engineering specifications.


All stainless steel hardware included; screws, washers, brackets and cable. Stainless steel for a long-life corrosion-free finish.


Eyebolts, rope and built-in grommets for high winds.

Platform Plans

Platform plans are included.  Available for all sizes.

Top and Wall Cover Warranty

Ten years limited warranty on the top and wall cover; two years guarantee on materials and workmanship.

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Double Coated Protective Yurt Cover


VinaGARD® is a proven, high quality and long lasting product.


  • Softer polymer coatings mean VinaGARD® fabrics resist crazing, creasing and cracking better than traditional laminated fabrics and stay softer at lower temperatures.

  • VinaGARD® covers are inherently flame retardant to meet or surpass most pertinent fire codes.

  • The exclusive textile construction includes a powerful mildew and fungus inhibitor and a wick resistant base fabric, which together combat internal and external mildew growth for long fabric life.

  • Vintex's unique extrusion coating process bonds the exclusive polymer coating to a high strength resistant textile. The surface is sealed with a cleanable topcoat, which protects the flexible barrier from the accumulation of dirt and inhibits UV light degradation.


The benefits of VinaGARD®...


  • Top coated for easy cleaning and longer life.

  • Tear and abrasion resistant.

  • Flame retardant for the life of the fabric.

  • U.V. resistant for long life.

  • Resistant internal and external mildewing.

  • Rot and fungus resistant.

  • Dimensionally stable and shrink resistant.


The benefits of Radiant Insulation...


  • Safe, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic.

  • Not affected by humidity or condensation.

  • Durable - won't collapse, compress or disintegrate.

  • Resistant to bacteria and fungi.

  • Class A/class 1 fire rating.

  • Virtually indestructible.

  • Foil bubble rfoil insulation carries a 15 year warranty.

  • Lightweight and compact for easy transportation.


Product Safety


VinaGARD® is formulated using the safest ingredients possible, and wholly without any heavy metal pigments or stabilizers. This is out of concern for both our employees' health and that of the customers using our products. Most of the vinyl ingredients are in fact listed by the Federal Drug Administration in the USA as safe for food contact.




You receive a 10 year pro-rated warranty on the top and side covers.

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